The adventure of the Atelier d’architecture & Christophe André Salamin

The story begins in September 1969 in Le Châble, just below Verbier. André Salamin opened his architectural office, first in the village center then at the current location. Gradually his qualities are recognized and a loyal customers base is created. During 38 years the company carries out construction for private clients (family houses, villas, holiday cottages...), for local as well as foreign people. Work for institutions is not lacking: apartment or administrative buildings, home for the elderly people, bank, multi-purpose hall, schools, hotels, craft hall and even a museum.

The municipality of Bagnes is since 1984 among the regular customers, as well as the Raiffeisen Bank since 1985 with the construction of the building of the Le Chable  branch and its complete renovation in 2008-2009.

During these years, the company continues to gain experience in specialized areas of construction, with an always renewed interest in efficiency and modernity. In december 2006, Christophe Salamin joined his father, then in January 2007 the Atelier d’Architecture André & Christophe Salamin is created.

From 2008 to 2011, achievements have not failed: complete renovation of the building of the Raiffeisen Bank in Le Chable, renovation of the hotel Mauvoisin, implementation of various renovation techniques for private projects, surveys of historic buildings with renovation projects. And by the end of 2011, the immersion into a maelstrom of most sophisticated techniques and materials: the renovation of a partially burned church...

The passion continues…


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